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Confidence and Empowerment coach for the curvaceous woman

Welcome to the Nicole Word Beauty and thank you for your interest in my beauty, style, and confidence coaching services.  Beauty is just the beginning.  Nicole Word Beauty is a safe space where curvy women can express themselves, be understood, and cared for. I believes that when women look good, they feel good.   I aspire to help curvy women, specifically, build their confidence, feel sexy, and develop positive thought patterns through my exclusive events, workshops, coaching and products.


Nicole Word is a Confidence and Empowerment Coach, inspiring curvy women to live their best life, unapologetically. Through beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, Nicole helps the curvaceous woman reinvent herself from the outside, In. Her exclusive events, resources, talks, interactive workshops, products, classes, coaching and VIP days give women the know-how to embrace their curves, unapologetically. 
Nicole’s passion for make-up and beauty has evolved into a catalyst for helping women, specifically curvy women, overcome challenges associated with weight. She is a style influencer and speaker, inspiring curvy women to feel comfortable in their own bodies, unapologetically. Through her story and sassy personality, Nicole has helped influence the mindset of curvy women with her honest perspective about the triumphs and challenges of living life as curvy woman.
Nicole Word graduated from the University of Baltimore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Administration. Following her graduation, she launched her own beauty business, Nicole Word Beauty. She pursued training in various hands on workshop spear headed by seasoned artist such as Sam Fine, Renny Vasquez, and Candace Corey. Nicole’s education in beauty provided her with the expertise and training needed to manage her business successfully
Nicole’s work has also been featured in magazines such as Style to the Aisle and Munaluchi Bridal. Nicole has also had reoccurring features as an on-air beauty expert for Fox 45 Baltimore. Nicole also opened a beauty studio in the Station North, Arts and Entertainment District located in downtown Baltimore. 

" I didn’t choose make-up. Make-up chose me. I soon discovered that my career as a make-up artist was only the beginning. As I began to put make-up on women, they would sit in my chair and share their story and issues with me, asking me for advice. I thought I was helping them only feel beautiful on the outside, but after having candid conversations with my clients, I realized I was helping them feel beautiful on the inside as well.
Being a divorced mother of 3, I’ve had to overcome self-sabotaging behavior, self-doubt, and feelings of worthlessness throughout my life. Nicole Word Beauty has helped me to connect with women on a personal, emotional, and mental level as I’ve helped them navigate their own life challenges with solid advice and resources. NWB has given me the platform to minister to women and create a dialogue that has extended beyond my make-up studio.
While I’d love to help every woman build confidence and accept herself, I want to specifically address the challenges, behavior, and emotions curvy women go through and how to overcome, so she can live her best life." -Nicole Word